Gravity Sewer Line Extension (18” Pier Mounted)

gravitysewerClient: City of Murfreesboro
The project consists of approximately 5,440 l.f. of 18-inch pvc, 2,751 l.f. of 18-inch dip, 1,074 l.f. of pier mounted 18-inch dip, 300 vertical feet of concrete pier supports, 26 manholes, 120 l.f. of 18-inch pvc with 28-inch steel casing pipe bored under csx railroad, 77 l.f. of 10-inch pvc, 347 l.f. of 8-inch pvc, 52 service tees, 1,220 l.f. of 6-inch pvc service line, and appurtenances.  This project included partial installation across the indian hills golf course.  The pier mountings were designed to provide gravity flow of the sewer without utilizing a sewerage lift station and force main system.

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